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Cindi Hsu Consortium – Metamorphosis

Hello Saxophonists and Bassoonists!

The Post-Haste Reed Duo (Sean Fredenburg, saxophones; Javier Rodriguez, bassoon) is excited to announce a consortium for a new work for soprano saxophone, bassoon, and piano titled Metamorphosis by composer Cindi Hsu in collaboration with pianist Chuck Dillard.

Hsu’s Spring Fever for bassoon and piano was the winner of 2018 Bassoon Chamber Music Composition Competition (BCMCC), and was a required piece for the 2019 Meg Quigley Vivaldi Competition (MQVC).

In her own words:

“Metamorphosis (four movements and approximately 13 minutes in length) has a mystical reference for me as the music traverses a series of dynamic transformations and dramatic forms.”

If you are interested in this consortium, please email us at for more information!

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