Donut Robot! Album Reviews “In gracing Donut Robot! with a comic illustration cover, Post-Haste Reed Duo adds levity to a genre not typically known for lightheartedness. That’s merely one of many things that makes this saxophone-and-bassoon duo project so endearing. More important than the refreshingly unpretentious attitude Sean Fredenburg and Javier Rodriguez bring to it are performances that exemplify unbridled enthusiasm. The two execute the six works on this hour-long release with such fervor, the listener can’t help but get swept up in the process.” “all of the pieces on Donut Robot! were commissioned or inspired by the Post-Haste Duo.“ “expect virtuosity, expect clever invention, and expect to be entertained.“

The Rehearsal Studio: “Perhaps the most salient impression left by this album is how diverse these six contributors are in their approach to composition. However, that diversity is reinforced by the virtuosity of the performers…If that narrative is a product of the unique sonorities that arise when saxophone and bassoon meet, then it is worth anticipating what the next Post-Haste project will be!”